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Flowergrams Return for Valentine's Day

Flowergrams: send blooms & a bit of old timey magic to your beloved.

Flowergrams are available in full, human-scale, but also miniature doses.

Transcription, courtesy of Flowergram archivist:

"On February 14th, we observe the Feast of Saint Valentine, bridging the jolly gap between violent martyrdom and romantic love. In addition to such light baubles as these, there are other things to celebrate: friendship, the arrival of spring, and a refresh of the candy bucket grown lean since old Saint Nick's passing through.

To those who celebrate this holiday with mass-produced greeting cards, we say "To the lions!" Those in favor of less conventional gifting options will be delighted to hear of the return of Flowergrams. When purchasing a Flowergram, enter your custom message onto the magic box, watch as it transforms into an old-fashioned telegram, and imagine the delight on your chum's face when it arrives in their mailbox accompanied by a fetching mini bouquet of dried florals concocted by Doris Ione.

Wishing you a Happy Whatever-You-Celebrate, with whomever-you-celebrate, with however-much-of-a-gluttonous-heap-of-meringues, because we don't much care either the one way or the other about it, as we-have-our-own-heap-to-tend-to, you understand,



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