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Looking to turn
that special
into a special gift?

Commission L. Delaney to create a custom paper dress for you or another.

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L. Delaney answers Frequently Asked Questions
about commissioning a custom paper dress:

Each year, L. Delaney takes on a limited number of paper dress commissions. She is excited to conspire with clients in bringing their wedding dresses, vintage dresses, and original designs to miniature life through her paper art. You won’t need a dollhouse to enjoy these one-of-a-kind pieces; they arrive ready to gift and display in a dome or frame of your choosing. Contact L. to get started on a whimsical statement piece for your nursery, office, fancy closet, or business!


What kind of dresses do you sculpt?

I love the challenge of sculpting all kinds of dresses, from different time periods and styles. Bring me your wedding dresses, prom dresses, and found-in-the-attic-great-grandma dresses!


How long will my commissioned paper dress take to complete?

Turn around time is generally two months, depending on what other projects are currently on my desk. But if you are in a time crunch, reach out and we'll see if there's a way to make it happen.


What are the dresses made of?

Each dress is a unique work of art inspired by a real dress, and sculpted using a combination of paper, clay, and vintage elements. As a finishing touch, each dress receives hand painting to give it further dimension.

I have a cool old frame. Can you put a paper dress in it?

Absolutely! When it comes to presentation, sky is the limit. Finished dresses may be loose, or affixed within frames, cloche domes, or whatever manner you dream up to keep them safe for a lifetime of viewing. Part of our collaboration process will be determining the perfect home for your dress. 


How much will it cost to have my paper dress created?

Custom paper dresses begin at $125. Rush fees may apply and final price is dependent on dress size and intricacy. Once we have agreed on a price for your paper dress, a 50% nonrefundable deposit will secure your project. This price will include one revision. 

Now, get Inspired!


Option 1:

Conspire with L. Delaney to create a custom dress, built from your most glamorous tiny dreams. 

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Option 2:


Conspire with L. Delaney to create a framed dress or dresses, chosen from existing dress designs, or built from scratch. Provide your chosen frame, or  work with L. to find the perfect frame.

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Photo by Lora and Ted Courtesy of Marie

Photo by Lora and Ted


Option 3:


Conspire with L. Delaney to create a fully dimensional dress, front and back. Provide your chosen cloche dome, or work with L. to find the perfect one.


Interested in commissioning a paper version of your favorite dress?
Email L. Delaney  for a quote. For quicker quote turnaround, be sure to include:

✔ full front/back pictures of the dress

✔ your option preference

✔ specific size

✔ timeline 

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