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Century Girl


a vintage fairy tale

inspired by true events


Upon a



there lived a family of queens, each with her own superpower.

Their taffeta-filled lair was the world's most beautiful vintage clothing store.

From the shop’s Yankee candle, to its delicate handwritten price tags, L. Delaney set out to faithfully recreate the boutique’s lush details in 1-inch scale.


Century Girl Boutique:
a Vintage Fairy Tale Inspired by True Events

Once upon a River, there lived a family of queens, each with her own superpower.


One of the queens made accessories that sparkled in the French Quarter sunlight.

One of the queens painted dreams onto canvas.

One of the queen’s hosted a St. Patty’s Day party that turned the town green with envy.

One of the queens made tiny paper dresses.

One of the queens lovingly curated colorful plumage in a dreamy vintage clothing shop.


The queens orbited this vintage clothing store, their tulle-and-taffeta-filled lair, cheering each other on and welcoming visitors from all over the world. One day the vintage queen said to the miniature queen, come make your studio in the back room! And that was how the miniature queen came to have her first professional studio. That miniature queen was Lady Delaney. And that vintage queen was Century Girl, whose true superpower was helping other women grow into their own.


In 2017, Lady set out to honor Century Girl and its queens in the way she best knew how, by faithfully recreating the boutique’s lush details in 1-inch scale. From the shop’s Yankee candle to its delicate handwritten price tags, the resulting piece captures a moment in time and celebrates just a few of the extraordinary gals making their home and mischief in New Orleans, a city brimming over with inspiring and inspired female artists and entrepreneurs. 


Did you spot the dog-eared copy of our favorite edition of Vogue? See that bit of silk pouring from the hatbox?---it was snipped from the hem of a famous opera singer. Pour yourself some bubbly; there’s just a smidge left over from the All Dolled Up book launch party. With the arrival of the holiday season, the tiny shop even decks itself out in a vintage tree, covered in tiny paper dresses like the real one....


This frothy little bit of real estate is not on the market, but contact Lady Delaney to have your own fairy tale magicked into miniature existence. And pay a visit to the real Century Girl on Magazine Street, though do note that she has changed her maquillage to a baby pink hue.

Learn more about the extraordinary Century Gals, in their own words & Art:

Shannon Atwater, whose original signage adorns both little and big Century Girl.

Leah Blake, owner of the Century Girl Boutique, which inspired this piece. 

Belinda Belk, the city's most magical event planner, who calls dibs on all of mini Century Girl's paper fans. 

Gretchen Byers, whose poster in the window invites you to travel back in time at one of her 1920s themed events.

Hellinheels, whose copy of Dita's style bible keeps the gang glamorous. 

Lauren Marie Breaux, whose painting & sketch are right at home in this tiny emporium of color & whimsy.

Kelsey Campion, photographer & Chief Sequin Officer at Fringe & Co., whose tiny headwrap makes a cameo.

Lyla Clayre, whose marvelous watercolor paintings adorn the walls of both little and big Century Girl.

Kate Farned, who operates her own vintage outfit, Clothes Party, and whose pop up poster hangs in the shop window.

Lisa Golightly, whose original "Press for Champagne" was replicated for this model.

Carol Phillips, whose paperwhites are the talk of the town but whose vintage trimmings festoon the tiny shop.

Caitlyn Ridenour, whose camera captured the All Dolled Up Book Launch Party.

Roxanne Sanchez,  a coveted invitation to her "Green Breakfast" waits at the shop door.

With cameos by: Garden District Book Shop, Yankee Candle, Dover Books, Where Traveler Magazine, Louis Sherry Chocolate


Mini Century Girl Boutique was proud to be the cover girl for the December 2020 issue of Where New Orleans!


All Dolled Up Cover.png

Learn to craft your own tiny vintage fashion with L. Delaney's diy book, All Dolled Up! 


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