Delaney Seraphim Ghost.jpg

Is it a bump to the noggin?

A well-timed word of encouragement?

A remarkably unremarkable tenure at University?


We may never know.


What is known is that Lady Delaney’s biography will stand as cautionary tale to interested parties. Within a Midwestern manor, her childhood was typical: from the kitchen, Father conducted political campaigns; in the garage, Brother built submarines; beside the hearth, Mother collected sheltie fur to spin into socks. At university, the Lady distinguished herself with a GPA no one would brag about, going on to an even less spectacular scholarship and art school drop-out-ship at two separate and well-fortified MFA programs. 

     In 2009, she began selling miniatures sculpted to the one-inch-to-one-foot scale. Despite her attempts to remain unruly, these sculptures in rubbish and paste have caught the attention of publishers, curators, and window dresserers, with her creations infiltrating FAO Schwarz, international private collections, and the National Building Museum in DC, as well as solo exhibitions and numerous national publications. In 2017, her DIY book, All Dolled Up, was a #1 New Release on Amazon. Her freelance career includes stints collaborating with Tiffany & Co., Monique Lhuillier, and ELLE wild woman, E. Jean Carroll. Somewhere in the whirlwind, she spent three summers chasing bears, horses, and cowboys at a Rocky Mountain dude ranch. The consequence of this being that most of her tales still begin with,‘Once, at the dude ranch...”

 Though she enjoys a good wander---often accompanied by her bow-tie wearing cats---New Orleans has claimed this miscreant as its own. There she paces midnight halls of a Garden District mansion, subdivided into seedy dwellings for the seedier bohemian class. Its spacious parlors allow hatching of her own projects and collaborations with kindred oddballs. Thereby she delights in devising new means of getting old stories into peoples’ hearts, and remains doomed by her hardheadedness to a life of doing whatever she damn well pleases whenever and howsoever she damn well pleases to do it.

​ Lady Delaney communicates with the world via her handler, Lauren Delaney George, who happens to share many of these aforementioned biographical details. Catch one or the other on the Very Local Channel, in its premiere episode of Maker Nation, haunted by crafters and ghosts.

How does one become a Miniaturist by trade, a GhostHunter by night, and a Mystery Seeker by odd hours? 


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