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Send a bit of sunshine to your favorite dollhouse with this miniature Flowergram!


Inspired by our best-selling, full-size Flowergrams, this item includes one bouquet, one tiny telegram, and one open USPS shipping box + packing paper. Please be advised that the bouquet is slightly larger than the box, intended to burst forth in bright display. You will not be able to close the bouquet within the box. Since the telegram itself is too tiny to be legible, message customization is not available for this item. I am happy to honor requests for bouquet colors, depending on inventory.


Send a life-size Flowergram to your favorite time traveler here!




♥ Suitable for 1-inch scale

♥ 1 bouquet + telegram + box per listing


Miniature Flowergram

$34.00 Regular Price
$25.50Sale Price
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