"Once upon a January, I took myself to Northern Michigan to enjoy the delights of a winter world..."


So begins Lady Delaney's tale of The Snowdrift Witch, a (mostly true) travelogue of Northern Michigan, in which a mysterious old hand mirror is discovered on the frozen shores of Lake Michigan.  Though beautiful, the mirror appears to be ordinary,  until it begins offering views into the icey palace of the region's legendary Snowdrift Witch. Having glimpsed through the mirror to her heart's content and completed her written report of the matter, Lady Delaney is prepared to send the mirror off to its next keeper.  Is that you?


If it is indeed you, your relic will arrive carefully packaged (with all the care owed to magical relics), along with an account of how it came to be found, and what is known of the Snowdrift Witch, written by Lady Delaney and helpfully illustrated by Kathy Hume. With its handy back hook, this magical mirror is ready for display on a wall of its new forever home.




♥ With back hook for easy hanging



The Snowdrift Witch


      ©1927L. Delaney