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"The Livaudais Salon has taken on a new case. I will be grateful again for your assistance, should you be generous enough to offer it..."


Now enjoy The Mystery of the Tiny Tombs, without ever stepping foot in New Orleans!

In 1934, thirteen Tiny Tombs appeared across New Orleans, tumbling museums, mansion parlors, and businesses into a mystery of city-wide proportions. In January 2022, a cache of documents was discovered in the archives which contained secrets of these Tiny Tombs. Lady Delaney is delighted to make that case file available to you here: with this listing, you will receive a bundle of intrigue comprising all known documents pertinent to the mystery of the Tiny Tombs. The archive arrives packed in your own vintage-style folder decorated with the insignia of a secret society. Enjoy sifting through documents transcribed by spirits, purloined book pages, and spirit photography as you piece together the story of the thirteen Tiny Tombs and their appearance on the 1930s New Orleans scene.


Those who have assisted Lady Delaney with past investigations will enjoy getting better acquainted with the Livaudais Salon & its various doings. They may even find that they have been selected for membership in this elite group, if they are kind enough to provide the number of players & their preferred gender, when purchasing. 


The Mystery of the Tiny Tombs was brought to life with the help of many individuals and institutions. The ghosts particularly wish to thank Emily Martindale, of Martindale Media, for her astounding feats of spirit photography.


The Mystery of the Tiny Tombs Case File