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During the Renaissance, wealthy individuals cultivated private collections of artifacts known as cabinets of curiosity. These precursors to modern museums displayed a diverse array of marvelous objects, blurring the lines between fact and fiction. Mythological artifacts mingled with genuine relics, shaping the evolution of dollhouses and modern museums alike.


This tiny curio cabinet is packed with history---and secrets. The cabinet itself has been hand painted to suggest several centuries worth of dust. Peer at its many wonders through 3 sides of "dust"-coated windows, or throw open the door to reveal a bounty of mysterious heirlooms. Each item within the cabinet is inspired by a real artifact from history, and has been lovingly handsculpted, handpainted, and hocused pocused into existence by L. Delaney. The curios arrive loose, allowing you to arrange them to your heart's content with the included bit of non-permanent adhesive wax. Display the cabinet in your miniature scene, or display it in your life-size cabinet of curiosity.

🔍 The Cabinet's Full Inventory:
-1 hand-painted "dusty" curio cabinet
-1 glass jar with coral specimen, antique label, and non-removable cork lid
-1 fossil sculpted from the real jaw bone of a rodent (of unusual size)
-1 miniature white shell
-1 bird with real feathers + perch
-20 antique books glued into various stacks
-1 antique folder
-20 pieces of antique ephemera
-1 rolled up document, tied with twine
-1 open flamingo book
-1 skeleton key
-1 fragment of an ancient classical wall fresco
-1 ancient, moss-covered amphora
-2 mysterious jars with colorful contents
-1 real leg bone
-1 real skull
-1 cat mummy
-1 Fayum mummy portrait of a young girl

🎁 Perfect for Gifting: Every order is elegantly packaged, making it an ideal gift for dollhouse enthusiasts, collectors, or anyone who appreciates the charm of miniatures.



♥Suitable for 1-inch scale scenes

♥Artifacts arrive loose with adhesive wax for securing

♥ 6.75" high, 2" deep, 3.5" across

(these measurements include the objects on top)

♥As seen in Tony Coleman & Margaret Meagher's "Miniature" documentary
♥Cabinet features opening door, three shelves, and flat display surface on top


Miniature Cabinet of Curiosity Filled with Handcrafted 1-Inch Scale Wonders