"The Livaudais Salon has taken on a new case. I will be grateful again for your assistance, should you be generous enough to offer it..."

This listing is for the complete 1927-1928 case file comprising the first 12 months of my hit mystery subscription series, Letters from Dead People. A year's worth of intrigue comes bundled in your own vintage-style folder decorated with the insignia of the Livaudais Salon. Newspaper clippings, postcards, and diary pages are just a few of the documents you'll enjoy shifting through as you piece together the story of infamous 1920s psychic Mina Bird and her adventures through Prohibition-era New Orleans. Can't stand the suspense?  Take a peek into several months of the series reviewed on My Subscription Addiction.

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Letters From Dead People 1927/8 Case File: The Mystery of Mina Bird

  • Letters From Dead People is an experience that is both unforgettable and nonrefundable.  However, the ghosts of New Orleans want you to be fully satisfied with your experience.  Therefore, inquiries will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

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