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The Mystery of the

Tiny Tombs

You are invited to a mystery of city-wide proportions.

The Mystery of the Tiny Tombs is a self-guided historical adventure through New Orleans museums, 19th-century parlors, and crime scenes.  The public is invited to discover the locations of Tiny Tombs installed across the city, stepping back in time as they explore its most extraordinary corners.

*With its references to crime, insanity, and the supernatural, The Mystery of the Tiny Tombs may not be suitable for children or the fainthearted.

**With its references to crime, insanity, and the supernatural, The Mystery of the Tiny Tombs may be wonderfully suited for groups of strange children, your rivals, and most peculiar friends.  

“Whether The Mystery of the Tiny Tombs is a work of Truth or Fiction, the players must decide for themselves. As all of the characters appearing in the game are long since dead, this point seems rather moot.”

How do I play?

Find one tomb and you are very clever.  
Find three tombs and we tip our hat to you.  
Find thirteen tombs and you are truly supernatural.

Assemble your investigative team.

The Mystery of the Tiny Tombs is more fun investigated as a team, so gather your wittiest friends about you.  If your friends are not particularly witty, be sure that they are at least well dressed: a grand prize will be awarded to 2019 investigators with the best vintage costumes.  For consideration, post your mugshots with the hashtag #nolatinytombs.


Put on your comfortable walking shoes.

Tiny Tombs are appearing in all manner of locations, with all manner of business hours.  Most Tiny Tombs are accessible within a 15-minute walk of the St. Charles Streetcar line.  You would do well to verify hours of suspected sites before arriving.  With few exceptions, Tiny Tomb locations are free and openly accessible to the public.  For institutions requiring tickets, players are responsible for purchasing their own.  

PLEASE NOTE: Solving the mystery does NOT require moving or removing the Tiny Tombs. 

Be courteous.  Visibly intoxicated guests will not be permitted entry into the sites. 

Take a photo, nothing more
Leave the dead where they're sleeping,  
Or be curs'd evermore...

Still got questions? Interested in hosting a Tiny Tomb? 

Send a telegram to

nola tiny tomb

#1 The Sinner 

#2 The Spinster 

#3 The Queen

#4 The Faithful

#5 The Dandy 

#6 The Craftsman

#7 The Lover

#8 The Warrior 

The Lost (undiscovered)

The Murderer (undiscovered)

The Artist (undiscovered)

The Maiden (undiscovered)

The Urchin (undiscovered)

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