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An utterly unique experience awaits within The Haunted Dollhouse.  Original designs and antique objects weave a gorgeously immersive puzzle, imagining an alternate history of New Orleans played out across a tiny stage.  

*Each mysterious parcel contains 10-30 pieces: word games, puzzles, simple DIY projects and various miniature & antique objects.*

An Ill-Fated Courtship.

(Package the Third)

The Bellamy saga continues to unfold in the third package, filled with the mementos of a love affair.

Wilted flowers---as dead as the people who once picked them, and a bundle of letters are all that remain of this ill-fated romance.  Investigators bring the drama to life in  the library with miniature cutout furniture.  A tiny wooden ladder may also come in handy...


Can you read between the lines?

An Untimely Death.

(Package the Fourth)

In the penultimate visitation, Lady Delaney is loathe to report a murder.  


A bursting evidence bag assists the investigator in recreating the scene of that fateful day: the family parlor.  Cardstock cutouts assemble into beautiful 3-dimensional furniture.  A piece stolen from the crime scene reminds the investigator that sometimes the missing piece is the most crucial.  The tiny clock is ticking.


All is definitely not as it seems.

A Curious Letter.

(Package the Fifth)

At this point in the investigation, your keen eyes may have noticed that some of the artifacts bear the unmistakable trace of conflagration.  Eager to assure you that this is not through our own neglect and unable to bear the burden of secrecy any longer, it’s time to lift the veil.


A missing archival document reveals the dollhouse’s final secret: a message spoken  from beyond the grave.  The murder weapon is delivered, but not before The Haunted Dollhouse claims its final victim.  

An Eccentric Family.

(Package the Second)

The second package carries with it a Bellamy family secret or two...


It's time to set the dollhouse’s first interior scene: the boudoir.  Paper cutouts assemble into beautiful 3-dimensional furniture.  Tiny portraits introduce the family members and a beloved childhood possession completes the scene.


Accompanying these treasures is a 1911 letter to the dollhouse’s creator.  It harkens back to happier days, alas, too short-lived.  

A Mysterious Mansion.

(Package the First)

A letter from Lady Delaney introduces the contents of the first package, beckoning the reader back to 1933 New Orleans.  


Using archival documents and paper embellishments, players begin to assemble the five wooden pieces of their dollhouse.  A newspaper clipping from 1900 suggests that this miniature relic is modeled after an infamous mansion in the French Quarter.  A message from the dollhouse’s creator (c/o New Orleans's Asylum for the Criminally Insane) suggests that this story may not have a happy ending...  


What did workers discover in the walls of the Bellamy Mansion in 1900?  What secrets are hiding there still?  If I am sent body parts in the mail, do I become complicit in the crime?   

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