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In summer 2021, "Dinky Doors" began appearing across Alden, Michigan. This whimsical happening was a collaboration between the Alden Volunteers, L. Delaney, Nathan Butcher, and---if you believe it---the Dinkies, a magical race of creatures living on the shores of Torch Lake .

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Pick up the rest of the story by paying a visit to Alden and reading the full Dinky report here.

The Dinkies celebrated their arrival to Alden with a game of finders keepers! On Memorial Day weekend, assisted by their human allies, the Dinkies scattered tiny magical keys across town for visitors to find.


The Dinkies love to receive mail!

Send a Dinky note to:

The Dinkies

c/o The Muffin Tiny

9110 Helena Rd,

Alden, MI 49612


The Dinkies would especially like to thank Nathan Butcher for his world-class cabinetry and furniture-making skills, insuring that their Alden outpost will be the envy worldwide of generations of Dinkies to come. Nathan is usually found working in human scale on Garden District mansions, beloved New Orleans businesses, and, laterly, all of the Imaginarium’s fixtures.

We believe there is magic waiting to be discovered in every building, business, and town.

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