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this holiday season

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My Esteemed Colleague in Mystery, a new case is afoot...


For some, the magic has gone missing from the world.  The cookies have lost their sugary taste, the brightly colored bows hang limp, and the snow refuses to sparkle. Tracking down this missing magic is too big of a job for Santa to tackle alone. He needs your help.


This holiday season, Lady Delaney is proud to collaborate with Santa Claus in presenting three official North Pole documents for assistance in recovery of lost magic. This bit of merriment is free. Simply print, snip, and apply your own.​ 


A very Merry Christmas from ours, to  yours, and you, and whoever is lucky enough to cross your path.



Santa & the Miniaturist

Random Act of Christmas Banner copy.jpg

Bake cookies for the mailman.
Treat a stranger to coffee.
Hide a treasure for someone to find.

Go ahead, Make someone's day.

Shipping snafus happen.
But sometimes
you have to wonder
the postal service is in cahoots with
the Grinch.

It's time to save Christmas.

Sleigh Mail Photo.jpg
North Pole SOS.jpg

Borrowed from the Desk
of the Big Guy himself.

Presented here to
assist in holiday merriment.

P.S. don't forget the cookies.