My Esteemed Colleague in Mystery,


A new case is afoot. 

In a year stranger than even a professional miniaturist could devise, the world finds itself in need of magic. And that's where you come in! Consider, “What do I have an abundance of?” Maybe it’s time, or sugar, or hair, or some combination thereof. Maybe you’re a crafting wizard or maybe you find yourself with an extra bill in the old wallet. Whatever your gift---and in whatever city, country, or hamlet you find yourself---it's time to put it to work. Hide a tiny treasure for someone to find. Buy a coffee for the stranger standing six feet behind you in line. Bake cookies for the weary postman. Let's show the world that magic doesn't  just exist at the North Pole.​


Get started by claiming your free message from Santa. Then, 

1. Print it out.

2. Snip it out.

3. Do good. 


Afterwards, if you feel so moved, share your Random Act(s) of Christmas in the comments below.





this holiday season