©1927L. Delaney

Compiled by Welleran Poltarnees


Welleran Poltarnees, who together with his wife Alexandra Day founded the legendary Green Tiger Press and authored the popular series of Good Dog Carl children's books, has been collecting weird and wonderful moments from children's literature for over three decades.  It is from this world class collection that he has drawn the selections appearing in Weird & Wonderful.


An entertaining anthology of weird and wonderful scenes from old children's books, including work from artists Frank Baum, Edward Lear, Gelett Burgess, Peter Newell, John R. Neill and Charles Doyle.


Each book purchased from L. Delaney's New Orleans studio will receive a special kiss from her embossing seal.


♥ Softcover

♥ Full Color

♥ 112 pages
♥ Darling & Company (2010)
♥ ISBN: 9781595833853



Weird & Wonderful: The Mysterious World of Forgotten Children's Books