Classically seasoned, kosher salt & fresh cracked black pepper, this addition lends a toothsome mouthfeel and intriguing yet familiar complexity to our 67% chocolate, adding a burst of fruit juice and a slight southern heat to each snackable bite. 67% cacao.


Next time you are in Nashville, be sure to tour the Olive & Sinclair chocolate factory.  The Imaginarium is proud to partner with this small batch confectioner in helping to satisfy your sweet tooth!


♥ 2.5 oz.

♥ 2012 specialty food association silver finalist for the best chocolate.



Olive & Sinclair is Tennessee's first and only bean-to-bar chocolate company. Slow-roasted and stone-ground, O&S was founded in 2007. O&S Chocolate begins with stone-grinding cacao, inspired by the method used for stone ground grits, using melangeurs (stone mills) from the early 1900's. Only pure cane brown sugar is added for a robust flavor and slow sweetness that is definitive of Southern Artisan Chocolate™. 




Olive & Sinclair Salt and Pepper Chocolate Bar


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