Concept by Angus Hyland, text by Tom Parkinson, illustrations by Dave Hopkins


Dinner parties a bit tame? Tired of hearing the same old playlists? Liven up your evenings with these hilarious after-dinner sound and music experiments. There are 21 techniques each illustrated by a handsome card including step-by-step instructions and presented in a beautiful gift tin. From turning a carrot into a recorder and playing your wine glasses to recreating the fizz and crackle of a barbershop quartet on an old-timey gramophone, these experiments are guaranteed to provide a good time.


Angus Hyland is a partner at Pentagram Design London. Dave Hopkins is an illustrator who specialises in all forms of line work. Tom Parkinson is a multi-instrumentalist and composer working primarily in an interdisciplinary context. 



♥ 21 cards
Laurence King (July 2019)

♥ ISBN: 9781786275080






Musical Experiments for After Dinner


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