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“Old dresses carry memory. Old armoires are filled with ghosts. What secrets wait within for hands to brush against?”


In 2016, L. Delaney debuted a line of tiny hand-painted paper dresses on Etsy. They were discovered by Dover Publications and became the subject of her DIY book, All Dolled Up, which became an Amazon #1 New Release. Inspired by a real vintage dress, this frothy little creation will add a gorgeous touch of color to your world. But you don’t need a dollhouse to enjoy it! The bendable loop of its hanger makes it easy to display wherever your world needs a touch of whimsy. Set it in a frame or shadowbox, hang it on the Christmas tree, or place it in a window to catch the dancing light.

Before purchasing this item, please note two important details. First, the dress has been created using paper, not fabric. Since it is made of paper, keep in mind that its stiffness will make it impossible to drape or refold as you might if it were made of fabric. Second, the dress is one sided, intended for display so that only the front is visible. The back is blank paper, signed and dated on the day of its completion.

When purchasing, include a note with the #'s of your chosen dress(es). Since each dress is handmade & painted, and may incorporate vintage & antique embellishments, there may be subtle differences between the dress you receive and the dress in the photo. These differences will be slight, and are only noted to be thorough.

Tiny paper dresses make great gifts! Looking to commemorate a special occasion? Commission your favorite dress in miniature.

Nab a copy of L. Delaney's All Dolled Up and learn how to craft your own tiny paper dresses.

Dress is for display only, not for doll or human wearing.
Suitable for 1-inch scale


L. Delaney’s miniatures have infiltrated dollhouses worldwide, as well as The National Building Museum, the Tiffany & Co. NYC holiday windows, and numerous publications. Her debut book, All Dolled Up, was a 2017 #1 New Release on Amazon. Born and raised in Kalamazoo, she now lives, plays, and creates between Michigan, New York, and a haunted mansion in the New Orleans Garden District.

Handpainted Miniature Paper Dress

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