This little dress line inspired my first DIY book, All Dolled Up.  Handpainted and signed, it is a true work of tiny art!

Sculpted from vellum and painted into three dimensions, it is almost as if this tiny frock has leapt off the pages of history.  In terms of color, style, and decade, my inventory is varied.  When purchasing, please message me with your prefered dress.

Also, please note two important details.  These dresses are for display only, not for doll or human wearing.  Second, the dress has been created using paper, NOT fabric. Third, the dress is only one sided! It is intended to be displayed in a way in which only the front is visible. The back is blank paper. 

* suitable for 1-inch scale dollhouses.

Miniature Handpainted Paper Dress


      ©1927L. Delaney