During the Renaissance, wealthy people started curating private collections of artifacts known as cabinets of curiosity.  The original precursors to modern museums, these cabinets were displayed in houses of the wealthy and featured a wide array of marvelous objects, from natural wonders and medical anomalies, to man-made objects.  Before the authority of modern science, cabinets of curiosity blended fact and fiction, often displaying mythological artifacts of dubious provenance alongside bona fide historical relics.  Both dollhouses and modern museums evolved from this tradition.  

With this kit and tutorial, you'll receive a fully assembled cabinet and everything you need to fill it with tiny curiosities!  


L. Delaney is dishing the secrets of some of her most popular items: closed books, open books, clay sculpting, mummy wrapping & more!  The scope of the kit's materials and lessons is very broad, and the intention is to equip you with the skills to create many more treasures than can be contained in the cabinet.  Fetchingly packaged with clear directions, your kit includes instructions and materials necessary to complete all of the items you see pictured---and more, as well as suggestions for inventing your own.  Each item covered in the tutorial is inspired by a real artifact from history.  Learn more about the history of curiosity cabinets and the artifacts they contained, while exploring color and design theory.  A resource section gives further ideas for exploration.

You will receive 25 pages of colorful, fully illustrated instructions to assist you in completing the following:
-distressing your cabinet to suggest age
-ancient clay amphora
-linen-wrapped cat mummy
-3 specimen jars with real antique labels
-Roman fresco fragment
-Fayum mummy portrait
-bird on a perch
-64 closed books
-open books
-folders with antique documents

You will also receive:
-1 fully assembled cabinet to be filled with curios of your making
-1 faux tile matboard display base
-3 pre-mixed acrylic paints
-paint sponge and brushes 
-self-hardening clay
-several varieties of paper to complete your projects
-two pages of graphics to complete your projects
-real bones 
-bird perch 
-leather scrap
-skeleton key 
-“tile” base board
-nonpermanent adhesive wax to fix your objects in place for display
-glass jars 
-real skull 

Although the following are NOT included in this kit, these are the materials I recommend having on hand for assembly:
-paper towels
-x-acto blade
-all-purpose craft glue (Elmers or SOBO work great!)
-dental picks for sculpting clay
-cutting mat 
-craft glue sticks
-lightweight cardboard (hint: cereal boxes work best!)
-heavy brown or cream card stock paper
-hot glue gun
-hot glue sticks
-sharp and strong scissors
-markers and/or colored pencils

*Difficulty Level: intermediate/advanced*

1-inch scale
cabinet dimensions: 7" tall, 1.5" deep, 2.5" across

Miniature DIY Kit & Tutorial --- Cabinet of Curiosity


      ©1927L. Delaney