These meringue mushrooms are truly magical!  And we would expect nothing less from New Orleans confectioner Lord of Meringues, who has elevated the treat to an art form.  Each of his creations is as beautiful to look at as it is delicious.  


Your three mushroom meringues will arrive in a flat cello bag. Caramel-flavored and dusted with cocoa powder, the delectably melty chocolate "gills" complement the light airiness of the meringue.  Edible metallic luster dust adds a fantastical and subtle glimmer.


These photos offer a peek into a special event at The Imaginarium: an elopement planned, designed and photographed by our friend, Emily Martindale.



Born in New Orleans, Lord of Meringues draws its inspiration from the soul of the Big Easy and infuses it with seasonal and international flavors. A spiritual descendant of the forget-me-not cookies you made with your Grandmother, these crunchy confections add a heaping pinch of creativity and fun to the tried-and-true French (or Swiss, or Italian, depending on who you ask...) candy..  The Imaginarium is exceptionally proud to partner with this local small batch confectioner---and to call him a dear friend!


Learn more about Lord of Meringues in this 2019 "3-Course" interview.  




Lord of Meringues Mushrooms


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