We can't stop eating them either!


New Orleans confectioner Lord of Meringues is a true sugar artist.  Each of his creations is as beautiful to look at as it is delicious.  This mini gift box comes in two flavors ready to gift or gobble: chocolate chip and carmelized white chocolate.  When making your purchase be sure to let us know which flavor you'd like!


One box comes with 3 cookies, each approximately 2 inches in diameter.



Born in New Orleans, Lord of Meringues draws its inspiration from the soul of the Big Easy and infuses it with seasonal and international flavors. A spiritual descendant of the forget-me-not cookies you made with your Grandmother, these crunchy confections add a heaping pinch of creativity and fun to the tried-and-true French (or Swiss, or Italian, depending on who you ask...) candy..  The Imaginarium is exceptionally proud to partner with this local small batch confectioner---and to call him a dear friend!


Learn more about Lord of Meringues in this 2019 "3-Course" interview.  




Lord of Meringues Cookies


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