Calling all snippers, snappers, and mystery crafters! Put away your cares & join us for an exploration of Grimm Gables, a house with a habit of scaring off its guests, and the latest offering from the case files of the mysterious Livaudais Salon...

CHAPTER EIGHT: "Plants with Rather Forceful Opinions"


Explore New Orleans’s strangest old house without ever leaving your own! Minimal materials and skill level are required to join in our monstrous miniature make-a-long. Fire up your printer, hoard some cardboard, and get those scissors snipping! This listing is for CHAPTER EIGHT of Grimm Gables and includes all instructions to complete the Attic. This listing does NOT include directions to construct the house and gardens; CHAPTER EIGHT is an add on. To begin your Grimm Gables adventure from, well, the beginning, be sure to purchase CHAPTER ONETWOTHREEFOURFIVESIX, and SEVEN .



Grimm Gables is the Mississippi's most mysterious old house heap, fashioned from whatever cardboard, crafting debris, and garbage you can gather. Boasting enchanting views of the river and a new adventure in every bureau, armoire, and cupboard, we know you’ll be quite comfortable here. And what an adventure it will be! Each week, we'll be exploring a new room of Grimm Gables in a developing ten-chapter story that is part DIY craft project, part storybook, and part mystery. Every Sunday at 7PMish, a new chapter will be released for $5.99, bursting with graphics, characters, DIY projects, and stories to fill the rooms of this moldy manse. Be prepared for a few surprises along the way...


-12 full-color pages of story, instructions, and graphics for building your Attic, using basic crafting supplies
-peculiar Attic features and furniture
-wallpaper and floor treatment for the Attic
-directions and helpful hints to guide your crafting
-guidance on substituting materials with what you have on hand
-fun for all ages and crafting skill levels
-a plot thickening



Grimm Gables was created for players with limited access to crafting supplies. That said, a printer, scissors, tape, and craft glue will be invaluable in your explorations.



This listing includes graphics and instructions for completing the Attic of Grimm Gables, but not the house itself. The rooms and inner accessories are being released weekly in chapters for $5.99, starting March 29. The Grimm Gables house & gardens DIY may be purchased here.

Thank you for your purchase! It supports our currently shuttered retail operation on Magazine Street in New Orleans, and a small team of dedicated artists. $1 of each sale will benefit a community crisis fund.  Buyers will receive a link to download their PDF in the Thank You page of Checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.  No physical product will be shipped to you. 

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Grimm Gables: A Downloadable DIY Mystery CHAPTER EIGHT


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