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This classic style carpet bag by Max Carpet Bag Works has seen its share of adventures in the company of a Crescent City miniaturist. Like a good time traveler, it does not show its age and looks as new as the day it embarked upon its first adventure. Its owner happens to have an addiction to the finely crafted carpet bags of Max Carpet Works, and needs to make room in her wardrobe for the next acquisition.  Oops, clumsy miniaturist! This bag arrives with a mysterious letter, slipped from whatever dossier was last haunting the bag...


Feed your own addiction to gorgeous handcrafted carpety goodness by visiting Max Carpet Bag Works on Etsy.


The pertinents:

♥ Handmade & originally purchased on Etsy

♥ Materials: thick chenille carpet, leather

♥ Packed carefully in its original garment bag

♥ Handles & detachable belt made of genuine leather

♥ Detachable and adjustable shoulder strap 55” in length

♥ Zippered 7-3/4 pocket with leather cover and 6 slip pockets for organizing

♥ Heavy cotton lining

♥ 6 bornze studs on bottom


Bag size: 19-1/4”W x 8-1/4”D x 14-1/8”H
Handle length tab to tab: 18-3/4”
Handle drop height: 4-1/2”
Shoulder strap length: 55”

Zipper pocket length: 7”
Slip pocket length:7”
Slip pockets Number: 6


♥ Probably only mildly cursed, if that

Certified Adventure-Tested, Definitely Not-Cursed, Carpet Bag

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