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On March 17th, The Imaginarium temporaily shuttered its Magazine Street storefront.
On March 19th, in order to forgo a truly appalling debauchery on the shop’s candy inventory, the proprietess began offering “Candy Care Packages."
By March 20th, she had sold out of all candy stock and put her confectioners back to work!
Thank you for your deluge of orders.  The world needs sugar right now.  We hear you.  
In an effort to keep our small batch confectioners confectioning, we are delighted to continue with weekly shipment of these "Candy Care Packages."  Each sweet box arrives to your home with a $24 assortment of The Imaginarium's bestselling treats and an uplifting message stolen from the cleverer pages of history.  Gobble it yourself or send it to someone you love. While we can't promise to satisfy specific requests, we will do our darndest to honor likes & dislikes, depending on inventory.  Shipping nationally and delivering locally each Thursday.
$1 from every package will be donated to crisis relief, highlighting a new effort each week.  Does your community have such a fund?  Email us with suggestions Hello@LadyDelaney.com
We thank you for keeping us busy.  We thank you for supporting artists and small business. 
Our shop prides itself on selecting the most delectable small-batch candy offerings including:
Lord of Meringues
Sea Coast Sweets Chocolate Patties
A Secret Forest Lollipops
Alicja Chocolate Bars
Mouth Party Caramels
Mayana Chocolate  
***PLEASE NOTE: While peanuts or other tree nuts may not be a key ingredient in all of our candy , all candy items are produced in the same area where products containing various nut items are created.***
March 19, 2020: $100 of your dollars supported Second Harvest Food Bank, providing 400 meals.

March 26, 202: $100 of your dollars went to a New Orleans individual in distress

Candy Care Package